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Update 4/07/08

So we have been busy beta testing over the weekend. We found a bunch of problems
and have solved most of them. My vista laptop ( my main machine ) got stuck in a reboot loop last night.
So i'm refomatting as we speak. I will have a better ETA when i get back up and running.
Hopefully in then next few hours. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 4/05/08 (update 2)

People keep asking me about iPhone Linux. Yes i have been working for a few weeks (before all this pwn stuff) on an iPhone Linux port. I have made some good progress
and hope to be releasing something very soon (after i finish this winpwn release). I have a ton of information I need to put on this wiki. If you feel like helping or
want to help with the actual port feel free to email me cmw a|t I have subversion setup and have started to commit my patches. I will hopefully open this up
and have others contrib

UPDATE 4/05/08

We have released the first beta binary to be tested. We are on track for final release this weekend. Please be patience and thank you for all the support!. Here is a slightly updated screenshot