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Update 05/05/08

Thanks to all the people emailing me with bug reports. Here is the latest build with a bunch of bug fixes.


Update 5/04/08 - Beta/Debug release 2

Warning This is still a Beta release. It's pretty stable but i would still advise waiting for final release

This release is not disabled in anyway. I no longer use QEMU and You will see some new features and will notice that it takes < 60 seconds to build and IPSW (at least on my machine). I have had reports that it has issues with Ipod 2.0225C but other then that it should work perfectly. If you find a bug please email me ( [email protected] ). This was built as a Debug bin and no code obfuscation was used. I will release full sources after we finish more beta tests

I would also like to note that this release would not be possible without the work of Squpix and Planetbeing who have helped develop and test winpwn.

Mirror 1

Help with beta

Join #winpwn-devel to post bug reports
Also feel free to donate below (optional)

YOU REQUIRE .NET 2.0 get it here
If you get the message "Lib USB not available" that's fine it just means ibooter isn't enabled.
If winpwn crashes when you try click ipwner that means you don't have the itunes dll's grab them from here


If you would like to donate feel free. If you don't have anything spare ( trust me i understand ) then feel free to just email me. I'm always open to answering questions and just a general "hello" is always a great support.


Thanks to Dev team (bgm/pumpkin/turbo/wizdaz/asap/roxfan etc) for the awesome nor hack :)
Geohot for his reversing work on iboot's usb libs
Erdcaged (Site Administration)
zini (Documentation)

How to talk about this project

You can talk about iPhone Linux via IRC: irc://